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I am stating that I fully understand the qualifications and guidelines as they apply to a referral and that any show that does not meet all the criteria will not count towards my Rainbow Program.

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Our Happy Customers

I have had my Rainbow for 6 months now. I can not express enough, how much I LOVE my machine! So much, if fact, that I purchased a Rainbow for my grandparents too! My grandmother no longer has the breathing issues she used to! And has said she did not realize how much she NEEDED this in her life!
Bre S.Muscatine, IA
I love my Rainmate! It is amazing for sleeping. It has a low light, white noise, adds water to the air, and I use eucalyptus to help this time of year with snoring. My Rainbow, in one week, has virtually eliminated the animal hair from my living room. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs. It has smelled nicer just by eliminating that. Not to mention you can use fragrances to freshen your air. The sales representative was very respectful, professional and entertaining.
Rachel B.Davenport, IA
I absolutely live my Rainbow. I do in-Home daycare and would vacuum at least everyday and then shampoo once a month. Even when I thought my carpet look clean it really wasn’t. After using my Rainbow my carpet looks and feels brand new and it’s 14yrs old
Cari KBurlington, IA